Using title Kokushibo, the guy turned Muzan’s most effective subordinate and you will try Higher Rating You to definitely of your own 12 Kizuki

New Ubuyashiki Members of the family was indeed leading the newest Demon Slayer Corps because the the occasions off antiquety and have went on to accomplish this for a lot of decades within objective in order to kill the Devil Progenitor. Due to them being the chief ringleaders of Devil Slayer Corps, Muzan seriously despises this new Ubuyashiki Family members as well as for many years, made it one of his finest prioraties to get rid of the brand new whole clan and you may stop their bloodline so you can permenently rid out-of himself of Demon Slayer Corps.

Once the found by Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the fresh new Ubuyashiki loved ones themselves are in fact about Muzan by the blood, with these people being the descendants regarding their relatives out-of one thousand years back. According to Kagaya, the fresh Ubuyashiki bloodline was cursed for having produced this new Demon Progenitor and all the kids born into their clan are mentioned in order to had been sickly and you will weakened, passing away before they certainly were actually fully grown. From then which forth, the fresh new Ubuyashiki members of the family would receive its spouses chosen in their mind by the Priests, and because following, whenever you are those born on the clan however passed away prior to they truly became 30, these people were now at the very least, a lot more resistent so you’re able to demise.

However regardless of this bloodstream link to him, Muzan themselves conveyed no mercy neither emotional connection to the family relations and alternatively has stated to essentially be sickened of the her or him, because the seen during the their conversation with Kagaya, in which the guy teased your with his family unit members for their many years much time look after to help you destroy your.

A dozen Kizuki

Muzan holds this type of Demons inside the a bit a high respect versus the remainder, giving them a much bigger portion of his bloodstream to increase their energies. Even with favoring them more typical Demons, Muzan is likely to show that the guy favors the top of Positions compared towards All the way down Positions. This might be evidenced whenever Muzan slain from the Demons within the Lower Positions conference out of outrage following Rui’s overcome, with his problem of their incapacity to profit against the Devil Slayers in addition to their noticeable incapacity to help you beat the new Hashira’s of Corps and you may thought them to end up being conceited, negligent downfalls on account of her or him becoming extremely confident within facts that they turned into All the way down Ranks. Eventually, he seen all of them because the expendable systems and you will shortly after emerging away from their tissue cocoon to stand the fresh Demon Slayer Corp, admonished them all for being inadequate ahead of saying which he alone commonly kill the Devil Slayers.


Muzan earliest came across your when he are also known as Michikatsu Tsugikuni, aforementioned got long desired being due to the fact effective due to the fact his sister but were not successful, along with dreading their certain intimate dying by the affect this new Devil Slayer Mark. Muzan convinced him to alter, detailing they might each other winnings, as he you will definitely live-forever and become more powerful while Muzan perform acquire an inhale Layout having fun with devil.

He was perhaps among nearest so you’re able to Muzan, whom seen him since somewhat of a corporate lover. [5] In turn, Kokushibo turned into extremely faithful so you can Muzan, acting as a keen enforcer on the steps the guy depending among Upper Positions, once the found when he punished and you may endangered Akaza having assaulting Doma. Kokushibo and you may Muzan have been as you guilty of nearly eradicating Sunlight Respiration completely, following the latter’s run into towards former’s cousin Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

Daki and you can Gyutaro

Muzan try shown to possess a confident grasp-servant reference to Daki, while the young Demoness seemingly worships and you can admires brand new Devil Progenitor enormously, fervently hanging on every and each one-one regarding his words and you will doing her best possible to do new tasks the guy gets her.